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Countries all over the world have been influenced greatly by climate change and related effects. From economy and daily life, citizens and communities have suffered from extreme weathers and fluctuated environment. Climate change has become a global agenda of this era. In the face of unprecedented environment change and increasingly extreme natural disasters, the international community has been trying to set up goals to protect the environment, and SIGMU D.P.T can offer integrated technology and service to deal with this global challenge. SIGMU D.P.T is the first Taiwanese company to provide flexible and modularized disaster prevention planning service for common natural disasters in Taiwan. We fully understand that users need customized disaster warning, and that companies threatened by natural disasters need a complete prevention, response, and reconstruction plan. SIGMU D.P.T. can provide smart disaster mitigation program and service for you with the help of on-site survey and professional technology and system.

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1. Slogan:Chic and light

2. Product Functions:
Chic and light, this fire extinguisher can be placed at any location you like.
Petite but powerful. It is easy to operate and puts out the fire within seconds, as it can spray as far as 3 meters for up to 35 seconds. It can be used in scant position, even upside down; it also can be used in stages. It does not contain toxic agents, heavy metal or powder. Made in Taiwan with complete test report available publicly, so that customers can use it with confidence.

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