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Reuse and recycle.

Mo Mo Sun International protects the environment through science by developing and remanufacturing with natural agricultural resources.
We are committed to a ""renewable and circular agricultural system"" that utilizes decomposable agricultural wastes.
Used decomposable agricultural wastes like tea stalks, bagasse, bamboo fibers, rice stalks can be recycled and make into tableware, straws, and floss sticks.
Disposable tableware replaces traditional single-use plastic, alleviates the pollution, reduces carbon emissions, and makes resources sustainable.
To assure users’ health and safety, main materials of the products are plant fibers, the indirect materials are all edible grade organic materials, which is safe and non-toxic.
The raw materials are 100% organic, which can be used as compost. Even if it was burned, it will not release toxic elements or cause air pollution.

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1. Slogan: Clean easily & protect the environment.

2. Product Concept:
・Reuse agricultural waste, the tea stalks, to make products. This endow agricultural wastes with new values. Reusing the natural tea stalks and they will return to the ecosystem afterwards.
・Naturally decompose into water & carbon dioxide in the soil without plastic particles.

3. Product Functions:
・Reuse the remaining tea stalks after the tea leaves are baked. Make the agricultural wastes into daily necessities.

4. Product Technical:
‧The wires are strong and tough, neither branch nor fluff. It is not easy to break and will not stuck between teethes.
‧Flat end design can easily go through the gum gap.
‧Anti-slip grip design
‧No plasticizer, bisphenol A, heavy metal residue. It can be decomposed naturally.
‧Made in Taiwan. Safe and high quality.

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