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PT BAO YING TRADE CO.LTD is the pioneer of a super large energy-saving circulation fan in Taiwan. With its rich experience, the R&D team continuously pursues innovation and breakthrough, and provides customers with the best solutions of air circulation and body cooling in big space with the combination of cross-domain professional core technology and the latest technology, so that truly comfortable natural wind field is presented.
PT BAO YING TRADE CO.LTD actively builds a global service system, expects to serve more than 80 countries in the future, includ ing pre-sales, after-sales and technical support localization, provides new standards for services and makes the commitment of “Quality Assurance and Owners’ Satisfaction”

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1. Slogan:Create the most comfortable air

2. Product Concept:
HVLS helicopter fan is powered by the internationally leading PMSM system.
The tradeoff between power and heating is solved successfully by making use of aerospace industrial design
technology and PMSM energy-saving permanent magnet synchronous motor. Compared with the traditional gear reducer developed in the United States in the early period, the power output exceeds 20%, the noise level is reduced by 15%, and it is completely maintenance-free. In term of performance e.g. power output stationarity, anti-interference ability, overall lifespan and so on, our PMSM exceed traditional motor several times. The power of revolution - free maintenance, low noise, super lightweight and completely waterproof!
As human energy demand increases, the earth’s carbon emissions also increase rapidly. Mitigating the extreme climate change caused by the greenhouse effect is the common goal of all mankind. Compared with the traditional fan motor, the energy efficiency of helicopter large fan reaches more than 90%, carbon emissions are reduced, and the patented motor technology always maintains the operation efficiency of the fan for long periods of time making the product more sustainable, contributing to the green environment.

3. Product Functions:
・ Sensible high air volume: Aerospace-level fan blade is designed for low-speed mode and successfully activates wind blow from large blade area which results in sensible large wind volume.
・Energy & power saving: The measured data from experiments indicate that Helicopter HVLS Fan can achieve full coverage effect of more than 1300 square meters. No need to use
too many small fans in the future with low efficiency
and high power consumption.
・Activated oxygen ventilation: The professional R&D team has utilized HVLS operation mode to achieve cyclone convection
inside a large open space, which can maximize air oxygen content and create a healthy and comfortable environment.

4. Product Technical:
‧Break away from traditional design methods by using the leading one-piece casting technology to build the chassis.
The Helicopeter Fans reduces the load of the building by a great deal.
‧Patented design, equipped with the world's lightest high-power LED lamp, can avoid the afterimage of the light caused by the rotation of the fan blade, and protect the user's vision without interference.
‧With SGS IPX7 certification, the waterproof and dustproof motor is designed with fully sealed technology. Even if it is installed in an outdoor open space, there is no need to worry about wind and rain. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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