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The professional of Concrete Floor System

Hong Yuan Lin Technology is the material company manufacturing the materials for the "Concrete Floor System" and "Chemicals in Advance" professionally in Taiwan. We devote to researching and developing a variety of new technology to enhance and improve the traditional floor system. In addition, we also focus on the application of chemical material required in special fields. In the field of "Chemicals in Advance", we have distinctive products
developed by our own of which the qualities are much more superior to any other one in the market. At this stage, we are actively promoting these products such as natural herbal extract deodorant, special antirust agent, and so on to oversea markets. As to the field of "'Concrete Floor System", because of the different structures and qualities of concrete which always cause the issues of difficult handling and the aesthetic standard of the customers which is getting stricter and stricter, we designed a series of solutions for the concrete floor named "Total Solutions" to satisfy the customers' needs.

Product Info

1. Slogan: VQ-3200, High Hardness Nano Silica Lacquer

2. Product Functions:
VQ-3200 is synthesized by distinctive Nano technology. Due to the main chemical chains of the resin are composed of Nano structures with high density, it can become the Nano protective film with the qualities of high hardness, stain resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasive resistance, and non-slip features after you spray, roll, brush, or coat the solution on the concrete, stone, tile, EPOXY, PU, PVC, wooden floor, terrazzo and so on.
Because the VQ-3200 resin's particles whose diameter sizes are only around 30~50 nm can cross-link with the materials of the substrates on the surface and then turn into the chemical bonds, which make it have excellent permeability and adhesion to enhance the functions of being long-term waterproof, oil proof,
acid-resistant, anti-fouling, moisture proof, mildew proof, chemicals-resistant, and self-cleaning.
VQ-3200, the Nano silica lacquer, belongs to the single component liquid product which can cross-link with the organic or inorganic substrates itself without adding other hardeners, so it can be operated easily in constructions and can extend the product's life-time and reduce the cost of maintenance.

Product Solutions