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Invest in Converge, steady and fearless.

Beginning with "Roast Beef Over an Open Fire" from Taiwan night market, analysing market demand and develop products by ourselves, we have opened brands such as Golden Pot-Korean Tofu Pot, Suichuan Small Farmer Pot, Dachuan Seafood Barbecue, Meet Happiness Town (complex catering), Yuejian Wagyu (pot), etc. In addition to online marketing through FB and bloggers, it has also been introduced as a selected food by the TV program "Hello Doctor". In response to the epidemic and future trends, we are cooperating with the Japanese vending machine manufacturer to launch a multi-function smart vending machine, and the business model is joining our brand, which is successfully marketed at the franchise exhibition, and the number of franchisees continues to increase.

Product Info

1. Slogan: Invest in Converge, steady and fearless.

2. Product Concept:
Ezaki Guriko's popular product "seventeen ice" can be seen in amusement parks and tourist attractions across Japan. It is a well-known ice vending machine in Japan and is very popular in the market. Our popsicle smart vending machines are composed of popsicles co-branded with Taiwanese tea shop brands. Create a multi-brand co-branded popsicle smart vending machine, with unique limited and strong product competitiveness.

3. Product Functions:
Affected by the impact of Covid-19 and the subsequent impact, the catering industry and retail industry have faced major changes. The advantage of smart vending machines is that they can meet the non-contact market demand during the epidemic through an intelligent unmanned business model. People always need to go to retail channels to buy civilian materials and food. Smart vending machines will become a good choice for retail under the epidemic situation.

4. Product Technical:
Bringing together and integrating well-known brands in Taiwan to develop the smart vending machine market, from machine hardware, and cash flow payment software to logistics and distribution teams, we have integrated brands and food factories.

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