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Our company always adheres to the five business principles of "Focus on R&D, Quality First, With All Your Might, Customer Trust, Continuous Growth." We specialize in the design, development and manufacture of AC/DC tubular motors, shutter motors, control devices, ventilation and typhoon-proof window roller shutters.
In recent years, the environment has been gradually deteriorated due to global warming. In view of the changes in the environment and the urgent needs of the market, our compay, with the help of years of experience in the development of typhoon-proof window roller shutter, successfully developed "Typhoon-proof Roller Shutter Door" that can resist wind pressure of 5000Pa (laboratory test data). After entering the market, users' trust has increased year by year.

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1. Slogan: To provides “comfort, convenience, noble” life for customers in the worldwide.

2. Product Concept:
Provide an enjoyable living environment that makes customers feel healthy, comfortable, safe with products that are energy-saving, ventilated, and environmental-friendly.
Use: Doors, windows, driveways and other entrances and exits of buildings, such as homes, factories, and public constructions.

3. Product Functions:
Roller shutter capable of resisting Category 17 typhoon Consist of 3D double-plane aluminum alloy slats, combined with a patented double typhoon-proof integrated one-piece track, which can fight against wind pressure of 5000Pa. Together with TESC chain-type shutter motor, it becomes a stable and durable typhoon-proof roller shutter.

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