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About Company

1. Keep going, make it happen
2. Brocere electronics has strong expertise in hardware and software design of wireless sensor, system integration, cloud data management and user interface design, and can provide one-stop IoT solution service. Brocere electronics can modify function according to customer's requirement and optimize the performance for the specified applications after analyzing customer's business scenario and needs. The management team has semiconductor SOC and hardware module design experience, and can develop satisfying new IoT applications in a very short time.

Product Info

1. Slogan: BlockCraft sensor connects everything

2. Product Concept:
BCR_IOT4 IoT sensor uses building blocks mechanism design, which allows the sensors to be shared and produced in large quantity; users can flexibly select a communication module brick and sensing module bricks according to application requirements. Purchase of sensors will not be limited by location and combination of products. Brick modules with different functions can be assemble to create the most suitable IoT sensor, like the sensor for detecting fire risk with infrared image and detecting short circuit. Power harvesting brick module can be added to provide electricity for itself.

3. Product Functions:
BCR_IOT4 is the most sustainable IoT sensor on the market. The building block mechanism design allows users to purchase module bricks according to their needs, reducing electronic waste. Additionally, with IP67 waterproof and dustproof design, BCR_IOT4 is easily applied in all kinds of indoor and outdoor environment. If suitable, solar power harvesting module brick can be attached to provide electricity itself, as the sensor consumes little power.

4. Product Technical:
BCR_GW3 adopts both NB-IoT/LTE-M to finish the goal and task of cloud data integration. Industries and families can apply it in different mode/life scenario and combine it with fire detecting module brick to improve safety and lower costs. Brocere also takes energy consumption into consideration. We can utilize solar power to provide electricity for the product. It is the best solution: the flexible business model can help promote IoT devices and reduce electronic waste.

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