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1. Slogan: We uphold the core values and global vision, providing overall customer satisfaction with products and services in order to become an international enterprise.

2. Product Functions:
(1) Comply with regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, and FDA requirement.
(2) Bag filter shaking mode: double shaking (or air purge)
(3) The material of bag filter is made of polyester fibers and stainless steel fibers with anti-static electricity conductivity cloth. The bag filter is lifted by auto pneumatic cylinder.
(4) Contact material: SUS316L, inner polishing surface Ra <0.4.
(5) Sample taking by sampling vial, for ease of sampling.
(6) Air inlet system is equipped with pre-filter, midle filter, and HEPA 99.97% 0.3μ to ensure the cleanness of inlet air.
(7) Critical parameter graph control
a. temperature control point ±2℃
b. humidity control: the absolute humidity of inlet air at 9g/Kg ±1g/Kg (buyer provide ice water: inlet 7℃, outlet 12℃)
c. air flow between 30% and 100%, auto set and control within ±5%
d. spray volume within ±5%
(8) Top spray: adopted Schlick modular single-head spray gun, even spray pattern and fast granulation.
(9) Bottom spray: adopted Schlick or Spray Stem spray gun, evenly coating.
(10) Side spray: increase the bottom plate ventilation screen to improve drying efficiency and shorten coating time.

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