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Kuo Chang was established in 1967, and has accumulated rich manufacturing experiences in noodle making machines for over half century and cultivated designers to make intelligent food machinery.
In order to expand markets domestic and abroad and to deal with the Intelligent Food Machinery Industry 4.0., we have a complete intelligent production line and cultivated a professional technical team to achieve high-efficiency production.
From a single machine to a complete production line, we provide thorough customized services.
The noodle making machines manufactured by Kuo Chang are well recognized in maintaining the quality of major food companies.
Our equipment is sold worldwide,
The best choice for noodle making machines is Kuo Chang

Product Info

1. Slogan:Technology innovation and inheritance, cost reduction and business improvement.

2.Product Concept:
To meet the diversified features of noodle making machine.
You can have clear production information though complete machinery data and the concept of intellectualization helps the manufacturers to understand production status.
Customized product to meet customers'needs.

3.Product Functions:
There are two production modes in the manufacturing industry: continuous production and assembly production. Continuous production cannot be interrupt during the process, otherwise the half-finished goods may need to discard. Therefore, this production mode requires high stability.
Pasta is one of the consumer goods with high demand. Therefore, the production speed of the noodle making machine is high. Take the instant noodle machine of Kuo Chang Machinery for an example, the output can reach 500 packets per minute.
Sanitary and food safety are the base of food industry. The less personnel involved in the manufacturing process, the better. All equipment is made of examined-qualified stainless steel.

4.Product Technical:
Dough making machine is the most important partner of large food factories. Therefore, the dough making machine need to adjust the design in accordance to customers’ needs. In recent years, Kuo Chang Machinery has developed the dough making machine with concept of intelligence. The machines are installed with a sensor to detect the temperature, humidity, vibration and other data of the dough making machine. Through visualized data, the managers can accurately control the operation status.

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