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Founded in 1971, CYF specialized in manufacturing food processing machinery and equipment. With professional technology and experience, we offer factory designing and planning, production equipment manufacturing required for the product launch. We keep on innovating and improving equipment performance to meet customers’ and markets’ needs.
Our equipment is sold all over the world, and earns satisfactory responses from customers. In recent years, we has sold more than 250 sets of whole plant equipment, and more than 900 sets of automatic sterilization equipment, which is widely praised by manufacturers worldwide.
"Professional quality and sincere service" is the managing philosophy of our company. We are convinced that only continuous quality improvement, innovative R&D and sincere service can make our clients satisfied and confident.

Product Info


2.Product Concept:
(1) The temperature inside the sterilizer is distributed evenly, consume less water, quick and even heat conduction.
(2) High temperature to shorten the sterilization time and improve quality
(3) Heating up quickly, saving energy and reducing investment costs.

3.Product Functions:
(1) After the product has been sterilized, it can be stored at room temperature for two years without adding preservatives
(2) Various sterilization. Suitable for all heat-resisted products.

4.Product Technical:
(1) Hot steam and cooling water would not enter the sterilizer to damage the package or pollute the product. It doesn’t need fungicides. The water inside the sterilizer maintains aseptic condition.
(2) Adjust temperature, pressure and time in accordance to different products.
(3) Heat distribution fast and evenly inside the sterilizer. In accordance with government qualification in Taiwan.
(4) In accordance with FDA standards.

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