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Yours information culture creative design co., Ltd. was recommended by the Taichung City Government to apply for approval of the ATC board in November, 2017. Code-named 7589, it is also the first small business in the cultural and creative marketing industry to debut after the COVID-19 pandemic.
In recent years, our company has established the online to offline (O2O) mobile 3.0 social commerce exhibition cloud platform, and has successfully connected market expansion of the public welfare platform and the livelihood consumer goods platform (including the fine tea and baking industries). Our company has begun to lead the tea farmers of special high-quality tea all over Taiwan one by one to promote the sales in the Southeast Asian market.

At present, there are four major services:
1). Enterprise Design Service Division:
Manufacturers supply chain serial marketing, exhibition planning, commerce platform, multi-media marketing.
Corporate brand design, CIS transformative counsel
Commodity packaging design and brand image counsel, e-commerce establishment domestic and abroad.

2). Resource Integration Division:
integrate central, local and Taiwanese companies to conduct field demonstrations, strengthen software and hardware integration and supply chain integration capabilities, and seize e-commerce opportunities and overall capital planning.
3). Digital Integrated Marketing Service Division:
Assist manufacturing and major industries to develop optimized browsing interface.
To build mobile cloud business official website and mobile marketing tools with responsive official website, so customers can access to the brands at any mobile devices.
Through the establishment and management of the website, the company's successful cases, industrial information, brand images, cross-industry integration mechanism and automatic matching needs are optimized to interact with customers. Establish an online ad to increase brand awareness and drive brand management, media (push), VR integration (O2O), social management and membership management.
4). Brand development division: "Kies Thee" & "Yuanyuan Mama Liao's Shop "

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1. Slogan: Organic, non-toxic, safe tea, drink, food, and nourishment products.

2. Product Concept:
Functional brewed health drink which is convenient to carry.

3. Product Functions:
Quickly replenish physical energy, and take care of weak physiques.

4. Product Technical:
Chelation and freezing technology of aged tea and chicken essence.

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