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The happiest windows in your heart

Jarlgene Aluminum co. was formed in 1984. We are one of a leading aluminum manufacturer in Taiwan. We specialize in making a variety of aluminum related products including window, door,blind window,nonhinge opening window. blind window and etc. one-stop shop aluminum extension product, usually window, OEM and ODM service. Jarlgene pass the international quality certification of ISO-9001 and we are honor to be the winner of 9th National Quality Assurance Golden Award Selection Activity given by Taiwan Government and 2022 Taiwan Excellence Awards. As one of industry leading company, R&D ability and self-won aluminum extrusion manufactory is our strength. Self-own Aluminum extrusion manufactory can ensure great quality and great customer service. Excellen products and strong R&D ability has helped us to establish an outstanding reputation in Taiwan and oversea

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1. Slogan:The happiest windows in your heart

2. Product Concept:
Shuttle Louvers have artistic and versatile space choice that can flexibly cover whatever you want; in contrast, shutter louver creates any level of light brightness as ambient needs. With security and flexible color appearances meet the design requirement of exterior design of the building. Environmental material and be customized as you need, Shuttle Louver with colorful, durable, and convenient installment, makes one of popular choices in modern building.

3. Product Functions:
‧Straight-axis window shaft: greatly increase the weight of the window to more than 100 kg, and there is no risk of falling if installed with thick glass. The hidden door shaft design reduces ground wear and improves the durability of the window, and also makes the window have a flatter appearance
Three-stage waterproof design: The window adopts a font design, with two rubber strips, to improve the sound insulation and waterproof performance of the window
‧Simple rigid blinds: It can replace traditional curtains, which are easy to be dirty and easy to damage, and replace complicated knobs with intuitive manual operation, reducing product vulnerability. Rigid shutters also allow the product to be viewed with both windows and ventilation, without worrying about burglary issues
‧Two safety mechanisms are designed: The window opening device is deliberately set at a height that is difficult for children to reach, and the inner frame of the window is also equipped with a safety knob that is difficult to turn. The maximum opening and closing angle of the window can be set according to the user's needs to prevent children at home from accidentally opening and falling.

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