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●From the selection of raw materials, the design of microbial engineering to the establishment of exclusive manufacturing, the whole process is independently developed with strictly quality controls. We are dedicated to pursue the customer satisfaction.
●Using exclusive microbial fermentation engineering to produce polysaccharides and probiotics from rice.
●Rice polysaccharide is widely used in healthy foods that protect the cardiovascular, digestive and allergenic systems.
●Reuse agricultural wastes as healthy food raw materials.

Product Info

1. Slogan: Our mission is to bring life-changing natural products to those in need.

2. Product Concept:
The research on polysaccharides is increasing with wide applications. The commonly used fungal polysaccharides on the market are expensive. If you want to use "pure polysaccharides" as the main raw material for healthy food, the price is unaffordable for general public. Our company uses rice scraps as raw materials, and the polysaccharides produced by the exclusive microbial fermentation technology to meet the needs of the market. In addition, the same process can produce probiotics as well and the probiotics can be used as ingredients of healthy food.

3. Product Functions:
This technology is protected by patent rights, and the strains have been deposited as microorganisms, so there is no identical technology on the market. We completed two tons of tank conversion processes in 2016, which are exclusively for food machinery and production. Thus, our affiliated company, ZHENHO, can operate commercially with whole plant output immediately.
The polysaccharide produced by rice is not transgenic and reusable. It can be produced quickly with low energy consumption.

4. Product Technical:
Polysaccharides, intestinal probiotics and chitosan produced by microorganisms have been examined in rigorous animal tests and human trails that it can regulate blood lipids, prevent aging. These ingredients are widely used as healthy food raw materials.

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