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Company Concept: CTI Machine Co., Ltd., was established in 1985 and specializes in the development, design, and production of custom packaging machines. With years of experience, we have developed a full-directional mechanical integration technology, precision mechanism design and manufacturing, and human-machine interface, PLC programmable control system; leading automation technology, and continued to develop faster and more precise packaging equipment for the raw materials of different industries to increase packaging speed and accuracy of the production line.
With the business concept of humanity, Chin Tai Yi is always client-oriented and design the machines based on the principles of user-friendly operation. All the packaging machines are available for customization in response to different materials and various packaging demands.

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1.Product Concept:

High-speed and stable packing equipment, which can collaborated with fully automatic production line to promote unmanned manufacturer system.

2.Product Technical:

1. Fully Automatic: Completely replace the mass production factory in the traditional way, which may require a lot of manpower.
2. High-speed production: Servomechanism not only speeds up the machine operation but also increases the stability.
3. Quality & Efficiency: Our machines can integrate with the system to control product quality
4. Customization: We are able to modify or adjust the mechanism based on customers' demands to provide specialized machines.
5. Freshness: Package data setting can be adjusted according to customer's demands and local environment, allowing products to circulate in the market while keeping them fresh.
* Technology: PLC program control, motion editting based on customers' working environment, easy-operating human-machine interface.

3.Product Target Group:

Our machines can be used in diverse industries, such as grain, food, construction, chemical, plastic or rubber industries. In terms of packaging pellet or granular material in bags, we are able to provide solutions to help customers improve the production line, reduce the manpower, and boost the efficiency.

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