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1. Visualization is the power, NADI is the future.
2. NADI was established in 2017. In addition to its Taiwan headquarters, NADI also has branch offices in Thailand and Malaysia. We also plan to set up branches in America and Singapore. Our founder was formerly the leader of security solution for Siemens in Asia Pacific, with years of experience in developing automation control, security surveillance, 3D application, and data analysis. NADI is a startup company with R&D as its core of development, with more than 75% of our employees are research engineers. NADI is committed to smart solutions. We combine data, visual technology, and interactive technology to assist in the management of different spaces.
NADI is dedicated to the R&D of smart space application. We continue investing in the integration of real information and virtual environment and interactive planning, to help managers respond rapidly to the environment immersed in information, industrialization, and urbanization, so that they can improve management efficiency and quality of life.

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1. Slogan: We provide a smart way to make the future closer.

2. Product Concept:
Based on the concept of ONE PLATFORM, 3D OCMS (3D Operation Central Management System) is an IoT management system with open interface and intuitive operation, which promotes operating effectiveness in property, information flow, and business management.
(2) 3D OCMS helps to manage beyond distance
3D OCMS integrates IoT data, analyzes and displays them on the same platform after visualization. 3D OCMS enables customers to grasp the situations of factory, building, mall, hospitals, etc. in real time to manage and give orders beyond space limitation. Customers can make decisions immediately when emergencies occur. Furthermore, 3D OCMS can predict based on the result of analysis of past data to help customers manage overall risks.

3. Product Functions:
3D OCMS = Digital Twin + PSIM
NADI provides 3D OCMS (3D Operation Central Management System) based on the concept of Digital Twins and PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) technology. Visualization and operation are basically simultaneous on the platform, and Iot data are collected and integrated in the solutions to fulfill the goal of digital management. Managers can carry out their tasks and give orders intuitively and immediately, successfully control the situation from a distance.

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