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Good for the world and make people happy

Leadstar Life Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Cusmi wire connectors in Taiwan. Customers can easily find Cusmi in our sales channel : 200 electrical and plumbing stores, and 100 hardware shops. With Cusmi, we hope people would be able to gain higher standard for electricity security than before.

Product Info

1. Slogan:Good for the world and make people happy

2. Product Concept:
A steady stream of fresh air is delivered indoors to keep indoor air circulation. Filtering PM2.5 from the air outdoors to effectively eliminate bacteria in the air, granting you the opportunity to enjoy a breath of fresh air in the most urban cities.

3. Product Technical:
‧Use AMCA-210 Fig-12 standard to verify, there’s enough static pressure to deliver fresh air to the designated space.
‧Whisper quiet.
‧Low power consumption.

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