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Save the energy saving. Protect the environment. Love the earth.

R&G Energy has 15 years of experiences of manufacturing solar heating pump equipment and system installation and dozens of patents. Based on more than a decade of R&D, we are able to design the real energy saving equipment and understand the details of on-site system installation. We are dedicated to one-stop service and fully customized design from production to installation.

Product Info

1. Slogan:High-tech heaters with innovative energy-saving patents.

2. Product Concept:
The patented solar energy and heat pump system are available as either a whole system or customized installation. It can be maintained on-site which saves time and cost. Integrating renewable and energy-saving systems to reach the biggest efficiency.

3. Product Functions:
・ Using magnesium rods to test water quality & tracking control system
・ Predictable maintenance notify system
・ Intelligent electric heating and heat pump continuous auxiliary heating system
・ Double water replenishment system: double buoys electronic string with a mechanical buoy
・ Food material corresponding to (pre)heating system
・ On-site quick-release heat preservation and shell disassembly patent
・ Seasonal adjustment water volume corresponding setting control system
・ Quick-release in-line installation and replacement of peripheral system
・ Customized solar heat pump system to match water volume specifications
・ Integrated system with customized control joint management mode

4. Product technical:
Air-conditioning refrigeration production, hydro-engineering installation, electric & electrical engineer system integration, solar heat pump thermal energy efficiency analysis, etc.

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