a. The only equipment manufacturer with both supercritical and ultrasound fluid heart technologies in the world.
b. high-quality, internationally certified equipment design and manufacturing facility.

Supercritical fluid equipment and ultrasonic equipment acquire a number of international certifications, which is one of the few in the world and the only one in Taiwan.
It passed the German Rheinland TÜV ISO 9001:2015 design, development, manufacturing and sales certification as well as its relative production equipment with CE certification.
Focus on research and technological development, process improvement, mechanics design, manufacturing and sales of equipment, with comprehensive extraction and cleaning solutions.
c. Self-produced equipment is sold all over the world and have won international recognition with guaranteed quality.
While based in Taiwan, we have international prospects!
In addition to sale high-quality supercritical fluid and ultrasonic equipment, we also develop ODM and OEM technology independently. We lead the great Asian region, and we also get international recognition from advanced countries in Europe and the U.S.!

Selected Product: Supercritical CO2 2L Extraction Equipment

1. Slogan: Green and environment-friendly extraction technology.

2. Product Concept:
Desktop design suitable for laboratory and small production.
Easy operative human machine interface system, equipped with lightweight extraction inner barrel.

3. Product Functions:
The design is environment-friendly, with CO2 only for extraction. Instead of traditional method, we extract at room temperature to maintain bioactivity without residual solvents, which is safe, healthy and zero pollution to achieve the highest quality of food safety.
Furthermore, it retains the ester aroma and purified natural ingredients in a simplified operating process to improve productive efficiency, particularly for the extraction of natural substances containing olein.

4. Product Technical:
Using CO2 instead of water or organic solvent as the extraction medium to carry out extraction, separation and solvent removal at room temperature.
CO2 is pressurized and heated to a supercritical state, which has the characteristics of low surface tension, low viscosity, high diffusivity and high mass transfer efficiency.


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