1. Better solutions.

2. Taiwan HiPoint is a professional laboratory equipment manufacturer in Taiwan. The self-owned factory has a production space of more than 3000 square meters, with automatic sheet metal equipment and high-quality personnel.
We provide not only ODM and OEM equipment but also self-develop laboratory products and smart agriculture research equipment.

Taiwan HiPoint has successfully marketed in Japan, the United States, Germany, and South-East Asia. In Taiwan, we have cooperated with the Academia Sinica, the Agricultural Research Institute of the Executive Yuan, and other research units to develop smart agriculture research equipment for a long time. We obtained dozens of patents.

Taiwan HiPoint has always adhered to the principles of “Honesty” in business, “Efficiency” in service, and “Innovation” in technology. With over 30 years of service and efforts, we have been highly praised and recommended by customers and industrial experts. Our three main strategies are (1) expanding innovative techniques, (2) close partnership and (3) create values for our clients. With the three strategies in mind, we keep on promoting the development of agricultural technology and enhance our international competitiveness.

Selected Product: Plant Growth Chamber

1. Slogan:Better solutions

2.Product Concept:
(1)Diversified functions provide more and better solutions for agricultural research institutions, biotechnology and other industries.
(2)Committed to “highly customized, flexible electromechanical integration” to meet the customized and developmental needs of agricultural experts and researchers.
(3)Widely used in the field of diverse plant cultivation. Reducing investment costs and improv R&D technology for the industry.

3.Product Functions:
Temperature control, humidity control, spectrum and light intensity control, air volume and direction control, CO2 control.
Application: Incubator, Plant Growth, Tissue Culture, Arabidopsis, Drosophila, Algae, Germination, High Intensity Light, Climate Control.


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