Founded in 1986, Lifeng Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of polyurethane (PU) equipment, FRP coating machinery, specializing in the manufacture and research and development of polyurethane (PU) infusion molding equipment, FRP and coating machinery.
Lifeng has independent R&D capabilities, and has invested in precision machining, data-based assessment of customer needs, as well as two-liquid mixing, metering, high pressure, low pressure, perfusion, spraying, and various solutions for different applications and demands.
For more than 30 years, we have been continuously established metering and mixing solutions for customers, drawing on experiences not only providing cold chain series, but also energy saving, environmental protection applications, aerospace, automobile production, electronics and other industries.
Our products are sold to Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries, with reliability, trustworthy and stable quality.

Selected Product: High pressure pouring equipment

1. Slogan:Core of the cold chain

2. Product Concept:
(1) Application of infusing thermal insulation materials
(2) Provide different flow solutions
(3)Easy to operate & intuitive human-computer interface
(4) Precise temperature control of chemical materials
(5) Special systemic designed, with high liquid mixing degree

3. Product Functions:
Our product can be matched with oil pressure lifting platform mold or manual mold, and can produce freezer storage board, refrigerated transport vehicle plate, freezer box, freezer storage, freezer, cake cabinet, wave board PU interlayer and other thermal insulation application.
Lifeng supplies PU chemical materials, high pressure casting equipment, iron sheet forming equipment, hydraulic moulds, manual molds, sheet cutting equipment and other peripheral equipment and plant planning.

4. Product Technical:
(1) auto fault detection
(2) high volume of PU perfusion
(3)clean free
(4) Low failure rate
(5) stable perfusion output
(6)workstations connection
(7) evenly mixing ratio


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