ANKO is the leader in Chinese food manufacturing solutions. ANKO provides premium food production solutions.

Service perfection, quality superiority, and continuous R&D are the core enterprise spirits of ANKO. ANKO keeps on innovate and improve the function and quality of our machines to meet customers’ needs and international market demands. We provide accurate and in-time after service. To improve quality control, ANKO has been certified with ISO9001 since 1999, and many series of our machines are CE confirmed. ANKO’s products have been successfully exported to 112 countries by 2018.

Selected Product: Automatic Table-Type Encrusting and Forming Machine

1.Slogan:Taste Of Tradition, Pioneer In Production

2.Product Concept:
The SD-97SS Automatic Table-Type Encrusting and Forming Machine can make various foods such as meat buns, maamouls, meat pies, pan fried filled buns, mochi, and crystal dumplings. In addition, it can produce with optional pattern or paste filling. The stuffing includes bean paste, meat, sesame paste. SD-97S is the most compact and affordable model of the SD-97 Series, which is suitable for restaurants, central kitchens, and small food factories.

3.Product Functions:
Easy to operate with flexible functions.
Provide with conveyor and rotary plate to collect final products.
Different jigging units are available to mak plain or pleated products.
It can process various types of dough, such as flour dough or glutinous rice dough.
Suitable for many types of fillings, such as bean pastes, powder, mince meats, crushed nuts, etc.Each production stage can be controlled individually and conveyor speed can be adjusted as well.

4.Product Technical:


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