1. Slogan: Ling Cheng Technology is your best partner in smart agriculture. We are human-oriented, technology-centric, and we provide market-oriental products and customer-first services.
2. Company profile, highlights and features:
(1) Ling Cheng Technology was established in April 2006, and mainly engaged in the development of technology services related to application software. We are dedicated to quality agriculture, food safety retroactive, agriculture information platform and system integration. Ling Cheng Technology keeps on expanding its professional service capacities, implementing the CMMI international software quality policy, and providing customers with the best consultancies, comprehensive solutions and agile technical supports.
(2) Elite domestic companies in the field of agriculture and fishery adopts the products developed by Ling Cheng Technology to improve their business performance, such as Han Kuan Agricultural Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Green Living Ltd., Hann Ren Enterprise Ltd., Shye Yih Feeding Co., Ltd., Tan Hou Ocean Development Co., Ltd., and Ever Spring Marine Aquaculture Co., Ltd., etc.

Selected Product: JoinFarm

1. Slogan:JoinFarm is the best smart agriculture solution, digitalize and standarize your farm management with portability.

2. Product Concept:


.Check environmental data and weather forecast

.Create farm work to-do list and assign to farmers easily

.Check in with GPS and track staff’s work on croplands

.Inspect environmental indicators anytime with a portable sensor

.Print harvest labels with a portable Bluetooth printer


.Accurate farm work execution, create standardized calendars for cultivations and accumulated temperature

.Prescribe pest control and fertilizer usage

.Grade harvested crops

.Record inspection and testing to ensure safe harvest

.Combine with seedling management to complete multi-cultivation management


.Establish knowledge base for cropland management

.Handle crop cycle while recording agronomic characters

.Establish accumulated temperature model to predict the best harvest time

.Accumulate data continuously, retrospect experiences at any time

.Support decision-making with long-term data analysis

3. Product Functions:

(1) [Real-time monitoring of environmental data]

.Collect environmental data 24/7 and everywhere with our Micro-weather Sensors

.Easy to install: Block assembly method, weather resistance, and solar-powered

.Support NB-IoT, 3G/4G, LoRa, WiFi

.Fully control the situation about atmosphere, soil and water. Provide environmental condition abnormal alert.

(2) [Professional standardized production management]

.Complete cultivation arrangement with one-click, suitable for individual farmers and agricultural enterprises

.Preplan cultivation work and arrange production schedule, coordinate of production and sales

(3) [Efficient field management with mobile App]

.monitor the status of cropland at all times with high mobility.

.Visualization Management: Record the farm field with photo and video, view cropland on a map showing location and guidance.

(4) [Complete food safety traceability mechanism]

.Offer reasonable and reliable fertilization and additive dosage suggestions

.Assist in certification traceability management and practice product safety

(5) [Analysis of enterprise management]

.Record stock information and track the usage of production material

.Calculate production cost and analyze production indicators

4. Product Technical:

Integrate mobile application, PC website, NFC ,QR-code, GPS, GIS, cloud service and big data analysis.


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