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About Mill Powder Tech Co., Ltd

Founded nearly 75 years ago and across three generations, Mill Powder Tech Solutions (MPT) has gradually transformed itself from a Taiwan-based local company focusing on domestic needs to a global-oriented international enterprise of international marketing. With years of hard work, MPT has cultivated a solid market in East Asia. Moreover, MPT has promoted the mill and mix application to the U.S. and Europe. Furthermore, MPT is partner with famous factories in the Middle East to become one of the main suppliers.

Selected Product: Turbo Mill System

1. Slogan:No Mill, No Meal

2.Product Concept:

Turbo Mill is different from normal grinders. Normal grinder uses the force of cutting and impact to ground the target materials. Turbo mill not only cut and impact the materials but also adopt innumerable high-speed vortex and high frequency vibratory to break fibric completely.

3. Product Technical:
(1) No filter inside, simple structure, zero malfunction
(2) Use turbo airflow and special blade to mill, less contact, more wear-resistant
(3) Wide range of applications, inclusive of organic and inorganic substance.
(4) Easy-open from top. Low maintenance. Easy inspection and clean.
(5) Space-saving design.
(6) Use airflow to convey the grounded materials.
(7) Fully close structure. Dust-free operation.


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