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About Allen Plastic Industries

Since 1980, Allen Plastic has been specializing in the manufacture, sales and export of packaging machinery and materials to countries around the world, and won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2021.

Selected Product: Horizontal Automatic Shrink Sleeving Machine

1. Slogan: Innovation of Total Sleeving Solution

2. Product Concept:
(1)High precision, Power control system, HMI Touching Control Panel: It is more convenient to adjust the accuracy of the cutting label length. The automatic sensor inside the machine can automatically detect products so that the label can be accurately inserted into the set container position.
(2)Customized services to match client’s request.
(3)Another series of vertical sleeve labeling machine (ASL-1000), bottle sleeve labeling machine (ACL-100).

3. Product Functions:
(1)HMI Control Panel: With HMI & PLC Panel, to be convenient to adjust the accuracy of the cutting label length, make the label fit in the pre-set container position accurately.
(2)Simple for the design of mechanism, easy to operate and maintain.
(3)PLC Controlling System:With servo motor system, it provides high-speed and stable sleeve labeling technology.

4. Product Technical:
(1)Synchronous high-speed transmission of shrink film.
(2)Precise and high-speed cutting film technology.
(3)Label high-speed positioning system.


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