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Multiple agricultural drone services will effectively solve the problem of insufficient manpower. In rural Indonesia, about 25% of the population over the age of 65 is severely lacking in agricultural manpower. Using agricultural protection machines to spray pesticides can shorten the spraying time from 1 hour to 2 minutes, which greatly saves time and manpower, and can effectively solve the problems of aging rural population and lack of manpower, and because there is no need for close contact Pesticides also protect farmers’ health.

Selected Product: G20 Agricultural Drone

1. Slogan:Saves time and manpower, protect farmers’ health.

2. Product Functions:
G20 agriculture drone custom platform. capacity of 22L, using a unique quick-release double tank and double battery layout, embracing folding structure, optional four pumps + eight nozzle spraying system. Extensive peripheral expansion, optional RTK, three-way radar, FPV camera and so on.
Biological pesticides:Nature and safety, apply Biotechnology with confidence
(1)Organic & Natural Total extraction and inoculation from natural plants, no inclusion of any artificial chemicals
(2) Improve quality Enhance crops’ ability of absorbing nutrients. Increasing sweetness and expanding storage life
(3)Ameliorate soils  Better and recover soils from the damage of chemical pesticides
(4) Non-toxic, no harmful  Harmless to people, mammals, fish, birds, earthworms



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