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1. We do not just SELL a machine, rather we provide a Turn-key transfer.
2.Yulan Green Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Su’ao Township, Yilan County. We specialize in designing and manufacturing of paper pulp Thermoforming Machines and molds. In order to satify customers’ needs in all kinds of pulp mold paper packaging and to create maximum advantage, we provide Turn-key for manufacturing of mold paper packaging, automated pulp supplying system, Thermoforming Machine and molds.
Yulan provides not only a machine but the total solution for the process of producing all the related products. When doing so, Yulan also would like to contribute to preserving the environment of mother Earth. Therefore, we use pulp made from sugarcanes, bamboo, and other organic substences and design better recycling systems to decrease the waste of water resources and pollution to the environment.
Through cross-department cooperations and discussions, Yulan continues to overcome design obstacles, continues to innovate new processes for mass productions, and continues to increase the accuracy and stability of machines. Our goal is to achieve a win-win outcome with our customers.

Selected Product: Circular Thermoforming Machine (5-step)

1. Slogan:Improve accuracy and efficiency, reduce manpower and cost

2. Product Concept:
Reduce product weight tolerance, improve accuracy, and make more exquisite packaging. It can be externally connected to the non circulating pulping system and the later production line, and realize environmental protection and low manpower cost at the same time.

3. Product Functions:
This machine can be used to make packaging with a maximum height of 170mm. It can be used to make exquisite environmental protection packaging with small draft angle and radius, R angle of 0.5 degrees or greater, extremely smooth surface, complex packaging structure and rigidity quality. Cooperating with CCD inspection and big data system, it can not only reduce the manpower in the production process of packaging materials, but also monitor all parameters of the whole plant facilities. The whole line is produced automatically without manual touch. (The European Union requires food paper trays, which should not be touched by personnel to avoid bacterial infection)

4. Product Technical:
Non recycle pulping system, Product weight tolerance +/-3%.
Pulping/stock preparation system with patented white water non-overflow design, it means white water will not overflowed from slurry tank of machine and no need to recycle over flowed white water, fibers and dirt in air-water separation tank of vacuum machine will be filtered by pressure screen(fibers will be reused), no need to build a precipitate pool to keep the discharged white water(water with fibers) and dirt.
Wet-fiber paper circular thermoforming machine(leading technology) : The circular transportation turntable is used to save the round-trip time of the traditional reciprocating machine.


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