About ZAY LON Co.

Zay Lon Co. Ltd. was established in 1975 and in a specialized position to develop and construct a series of Automatic Packaging Machines and Vacuum Packaging Machines in Taiwan. Zay Lon is a reputed and experienced manufacturer to create the highly productive and excellent value of packaging industry. This established our machinery as one of the most innovative and technologically forerunner in the market.
In addition, Zay Lon also offers variously processing equipments and whole plant equipments for processing meat, seasoning, prepared frozen food, instant food and vegetarian diet …etc. We have specialized technicians to draw up the production processing schedule and recommend the most effective scheme to promote the production line. The reliable technology, excellent quality, smooth procedure, best service and reasonable price are the bases of continuous management. Customers grow up is also the growth of “Zay Lon”.

Selected Product: High Temp. Liquid / Paste Automatic Packaging Machine

1.Slogan:Keep it fresh! Lock in the flavor!

2.Product Functions:
(1)Apply to various liquid / high viscosity paste product.
(2)Apply to high temperature liquid filling up to 100℃
(3)Fully stainless steel construction, food hygiene grade for G.M.P HACCP
(4)OMRON PLC control, easy setting / control / adjustment
(5)Special pressure roller to move out the air from bag inside
(6)Firm multilineal sealing


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