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About Brinno Incorporated

1. Brinno Makes Time Lapse Easy
2. Brinno started its industrial design business in 2003, and has built a hard won reputation as a professional design power house with a solid clientele of world-class tech firms.

In 2009, Brinno sent shockwaves by creating the world’s first standalone time lapse camera. With the founders’ unique experiences in the tech and design industries, Brinno developed a camera that not only combined a powerful image processing core with revolutionary energy efficiency, but also provided users with an easy-to-use product.

Over the past decade, our cameras with long lasting battery life have become an essential tool for hundreds of thousands of users in both the consumer and business sectors worldwide for a variety of different applications, including construction, research, security, and documenting artistic processes.

Selected Product: Brinno DUO Smart Peephole Door Cams

1. Slogan: Double Safety, Double Love & Care, with No Double Expense

2. Product Concept:
Brinno DUO Smart Peephole Door Cam: Brinno designed a unique smart door cam that features dual screen and dual storage. It offers a high degree of safety, and it is one of the most practical home security devices on the market. Brinno DUO ensures you peace-of-mind with minimal effort by monitoring your front door for you and your loved ones.

3. Product Functions:
Simple, Safe, & Practical: Brinno DUO is designed to be hidden and theft-proof, keeping your front door unaltered and perfect for apartment renters. With easy installation & removal, the Brinno DUO provides a smart home security solution for minimal cost and ease-of-use. The camera sends images of visitors to your designated email, sends an alert notification to your mobile phone, and saves them in the camera’s SD card. No file will be stored in Brinno’s cloud server. Visitor data is completely safe in your hands & at your disposal to protect your privacy. With no additional costs for professional installation, add-on accessories, or data storage plans, Brinno DUO keeps your budget in check.

4. Product Technical:
Brinno DUO Product Technology: Brinno DUO comes with an optical grade lens peephole, a built-in knocking sensor, and a motion sensor. Connect the device to your mobile phone app to receive notifications whenever a visitor is logged. Never miss a shot with a 90° viewing angle, a 13ft (4m) centerline motion detection zone, an 5ft (1.5m) side motion detection zone.


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