P-Waver Inc.

About P-Waver Inc.

P-Waver provides a comprehensive one-stop service backed by advanced technology before, during and after earthquakes. Our solutions include On-site Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) before the earthquakes, Smart Safety & IoT Solutions to ensure the safety of the sites and reduce the damages smartly during earthquakes, and Structure Safety Monitoring System report will be provided within 15 minutes after earthquakes. P-Waver is a leading brand in EEWS and our solutions have been installed by high-tech factories, high speed rail, academic institutions and hospitals etc., with thousands of successful projects.

Selected Product: AI On-Site Earthquake Early Warning System(EEWS)

1. Slogan:Sense in advance, create infinite possibilities

2. Product Functions:
(1) On-site EEWS: installed over 3,000 sites with practical experiences
(2) AI algorithm: AI model with 300,000 earthquake event data
(3) False Alarm Prevention: Solve the pain of high-tech plant
(4) Accurancy >98%
(5) Smart Safety & IoT Solutions: smart evacuation guide, elevator urgent stop, and shut off gas line automatically, etc.
(6)Structure safety monitoring report, provided within 15 minutes after earthquakes


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