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About Ta Tung Aluminium

Our company was established in 1969 at Taiwan for which have been specialized in the manufacturing of high performance aluminum acoustic window & doors, curtain wall, blinds and big glasses door for more than 50 years and got Germany IF design award as well. We are leading company and well known good quality company in Taiwan and you may see our TV commercial advertising from https://youtu.be/IlPgENnxvoo or to surf our Japan OEM customer’s video from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHGhpg9e8co for more information about our products there. Our products have green building materials certificated and you may surf https://youtu.be/OVbMLc6FCCk for more information there.

Our company also OEM/ODM Aluminum extrusion profiles(materials number of title 6 series) for customers for more than 50 years as well. We have automatic extrusion machine with one-stop manufacturing process to do extrusion profiles, cutting, drilling, CNC, powder coating(or anodizing or fluorocarbon coating) for Sports & Leisure Equipment(treadmill, slot wall..etc), Motorcycle, Bicycles, Computer radiator and Semiconductor equipment’s rail….etc all in our factory efficiently.

Selected Product: Aluminum doors and windows

1. Slogan: A better home with TA TUNG ALUMINIUM

2. Product Concept:
Good performance of air tightness & water tightness

3. Product Functions:
(1)Safety :
The outer frame is equipped with an upper wind stopper and anti-theft device, and the sash can be removed from inner indoor sidel, which is more safe and security.
The sash screen adopts high elastic plastic guide block, which can increase the upward tension of the screen to make it more stable and safe.
(2)Durability :
The contact surface around the outer frame is using high-grade satoprenerul rubber strip, which can keep lasting of the water-tight and air-tight function, and will not be aging to be replaced permanently.
Use adjustable bearing rollers so the sash can be pulled smoothly, lightly and easily.
(3)Integrity :
The outer frame adopts curve shape design so the whole outlooking is more elegant & beautiful.


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