Plimates(Heng Chung Enterprise)

About Plimates(Heng Chung Enterprise)

We are PLIMATES, a professional manufacturer of water-proof and heat-insulation materials founded in 1989. In order to ensure that all PLIMATES products have stable quality, we follows quality management strictly and have an excellent R&D team.
As a leading brand in the industry, our water-proof materials are sold all over Taiwan. Our products have been used on numerous buildings, including the presidential palace, aviation center, factories, various sports arenas, schools, hospitals, B&B houses and luxury apartments. In addition to Taiwan, our products are also exported to countries all over the world. The main trade partners includes China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, India, New Zealand, Australia, Central and South America, etc.

Selected Product: Water-proofing Material

1. Slogan:To increase the living quality and the lifecycle of buildings by using good quality of waterproofing products.

2. Product Functions:
PLIMATES products provide perfect solutions for diversified needs in the fields of building water-proofing, seepage prevention, energy conservation, heat insulation, self-cleaning, dirt resistance, and floor hardening. (1)Waterproofing & Seepage prevention: Provide perfect primer/middle coat/finish coat and other water-proof materials, and there are also plugging materials for small area cracks or water leakage.
(2)Energy conservation & Heat-insulation: It is mainly composed of nano-grade hollow ceramic balls and the heat source (sunlight) blocking effect is far superior to those of other heat insulation paints available on the market. Compared to previous generation products, the dirt resistance, adhesiveness, coverage, and drying speed have been greatly enhanced. (3)Self-cleaning & Dirt-resistance: Mainly composed of inorganic silicone resin (TiO2), it is a multi-functional finish paint for building exteriors with water-proofing, heat insulation, self-cleaning, protective, and dirt-resistant characteristics. It can keep the external appearance of buildings and extends their service time. (4)Flooring: Enhances the adhesiveness, wear and water vapor resistance and curing capabilities of RC surfaces with excessive powder and sand formation. This product is significantly cheaper than traditional flooring materials, and it can be applied to outdoor surfaces and exhibits excellent anti-yellowing properties in contrast to other floor paints available on the market. It is easy to apply this material and carry out follow-up maintenance.


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