1.The company provides professional services to meet the needs of its customers,and creates social value and sustainable management.
2.The company mainly focuses on metal plate roof exterior wall projects. The company has fireproof combination products. The roof is half an hour and the exterior wall is 1 hour. The company has its own workshop. There are forming machine forming production, service projects from design and planning to forming material sales, responsible construction, to after-sales service, the field includes public works and private workshops.

Selected Product: JJ-01 Roof fire protection combination

1. Slogan: The safety of the home is guarded by you and me to prevent the spread of fire sources

2. Product Concept:
The interior and exterior layers of the combined fireproof composition are made of plates with deep grooves, which have good drainage effect. The middle layer is matched with ceramic cotton filler to achieve the function of fireproof effect.

3. Product Functions:
Fire protection for half an hour can reduce the loss of disasters and prevent the spread of fire sources

4. Product Technical:
(1) Reduce the cost of materials: the company has its own workshop, and there are related machines that can produce plates
(2) Strict selection of material quality: the company will cooperate with long-term trusted filler manufacturers
(3) Research and development of combined products: construction personnel use combined experience and concepts to assemble this product to achieve the effect of fire prevention


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