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About Shiningway Industrial

Shingway Industrial Co., Ltd was formally established in Taiwan in 2011. Inheriting the rich experience in system planning and integration of the technical team, it actively invests in the application of products and services in the fields of disaster prevention and early warning, green energy and environmental protection, and LOHAS health care. Introduce solutions from the world’s latest scientific and technological research and development results, and actively develop key products. With the company’s various technical integration advantages, we are committed to the development of domestic and foreign markets. The company’s future development direction will be towards diversified and multi-functional integrated services, providing customers with complete products in the fields of disaster prevention and early warning and thermal imaging cameras. Services and specific benefit contributions.

Selected Product: FBG sensors for structural health monitoring

1. Slogan: Focus on disaster prevention and early warning, develop FBG sensors, system integration, planning and Design.

2. Product Functions:
(1)Using optical wavelength demodulation technology. It has high precision and accuracy.
(2)All of FBG sensors with temperature compensation.
(3)Not affected by electromagnetic waves, water vapor, power surges, etc.
(4)FBG sensors have long live and maintenance free.
(5)No power supply required in the field
(6)Using a single mode fiber and transmission distance over 10 km.


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