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About HEX Safety

HEX uses Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things big data analysis technology to successfully integrate the two functions of fire evacuation and earthquake early warning, and build a more complete intelligent disaster prevention system to improve the safety level of buildings and public places. We hope to contribute our efforts to the development of domestic disaster prevention industry and smart building. Our vision is to use the AIoT technology to improve the safety of public areas, and drive the development of the disaster prevention industry in the direction of technology, information and intelligence.

Selected Product: Early Earthquake Warning System (EEWS)

1. Slogan: Your best solution for EEW* integrated service! (* Early Earthquake Warning)

2. Product Functions:
(1)Year-round cloud monitoring
Autonomous self-monitoring system, if required, users can reaffirm system status through cloud monitoring platform to ensure smooth operation.
(2)Improve earthquake response time
Instant alarm/response of the Early Earthquake Warning System winthin 2 seconds, creating more time for evacuation and shortening interruption to production lines to minimize damages and injuries.
(3)Diversified applications, comprehensive early warning services
The seismic data can be recorded and transmit to terminal devices along with support to multiple communication technologies. Several seconds to more than 10 seconds before the arrival of the main shock wave, in addition to using Early Earthquake Warning for evacuation, it can also integrate with smart-switch control system such as unlocking electromagnetic doors, gas shutoff, and elevator safety stop.
(4)Initiate localized model to improve service effectiveness and efficiency
Build a high-precision Early Earthquake Warning Main Station, with services to end users within the 10km radius. Applicable establishments such as residential and commercial buildings, medical institutions, precision industrial factories, railways, shopping centres, stadiums, etc. This advanced Early Earthquake Warning System is also proven to be more effective and cost efficient compared to traditional warning systems. Thus reduce overall building cost and increase safety standards and smart governance.


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