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Taiwan-based Xin-Li-Kang Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of food processor OEM/ODM experience and several international patents.
In 2014, Xin-Li-Kang developed its first safe and durable stainless steel jar to enhance cooking safety and is good for commercial use. Adhering to the concepts of “profession, innovation, and integrity”, we are committed to the promotion of various kitchen appliances and commercial blenders. “SUPERMUM” is our leading brand, which sold 100,000 units in a single year through Taiwan shopping channel.
Our products are certified by ISO9001, 3C, UL, SGS, etc. and other international prestige agencies, and won the MIT Taiwan Gold Award, the European Cup International Invention Exhibition Gold Award. We communicate with each customer attentively and continue to develop high-quality products. We look forward to producing top-standard models, winning more support from more markets, and cooperating with clients from all over the world.

Selected Product: BTC-A8 Professional omni-blender BTC-A8(S) Professional omni-blender

1. Slogan: The best MIT stainless steel blender

2. Product Concept:
SUPERMUM Professional blender adopts patented horn serrated blades made of Japan steel 420J2, which boost cell-wall-breaking of food ingredients. With a simple and intuitive control panel, SUPERMUM has 10 variable speeds and 3 smart timing modes. Press a button and make your own Morning smoothies, juice, spices, sauces, thick soups, soy milk, cakes, etc. With the patented food gathering net, it only takes 2 minutes to make a cup of soy milk with no filter residue.

3. Product Functions:
・With MIT certification for safety, health and trust
・Exclusive design, heat and cold resistant stainless steel Jar
・Safety device: automatic power-off protection function
・The patented 3D horn serrated blades, easy-to-break the ingredients

4. Product technology:
SUPER MUM upgrades the Jar material to stainless steel. It takes 45 to 60 days to produce 1,000 jars, which must be deep drawn from a piece of steel plate and undergone 30 construction methods. Details are carefully crafted to give customers the best quality. With the exclusive patented food gathering net to narrow down the blender space, SUPER MUM can grind ingredients as fine as milk powder under high speed in only 1 minute.


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