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About Green World Biotech Material Co., Ltd

We are dedicated to building sustainable material by tapioca starch, and top technology provider in starch based material.

By using cassava to create products that can be used in daily life. At the end of its life cycle, it can be naturally degraded in the soil. The way of its sustainable circulation stands out as a green model of life and growth and natural circulation. We worked out with professional manufacturers in Japan and Thailand to create a new generation of starch, expecting it to be applied to a variety of products, not just to disposable products.

Selected Product: PlasFree Compostable Resin

1. Slogan: Compostable and Sustainable, the solution provider of starch base technology.

2. Product Concept:
By using Tapioca starch as base, we build up the material that can be applied to everyday life. At the end of product life, it can be composted in the ambient environment. The product made from green resources is then fully composted, which constitutes a green cycle.

3. Product Functions:
A. Asia exclusive starch base thermoplastic technique B. Heat resistance outperforming other materials on the market, more application in end products. C. Outstanding compostable ability and no need for biodegrading through industrial facility.

4. Product Technical:
Our unique thermoplastic technique transforms tapioca starch into particles available for processing, and the patent hydrophobic technology helps to create a product that is easy to store and degradable.


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