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About E.O.S. International Co., Ltd.

The provider of good sleep, creating a good sleep for the whole family.

E.O.S. International Co., Ltd. has 40 years of experience in mother and baby products, selling baby mattresses, maternity nursing pillows, feeding bottles and other related products.
We launched a new brand- ZEZEGOOD in 2022, with adult mattresses and adult pillows as its main products. Exclusively technology ZEfoam open-type porous breathable pressure release layer, can perfectly supports the body. Swiss Sanitize Zn ion antibacterial technology brings you good sleep every single night.

Selected Product: ZEZEGOOD Bedding Set

1. Slogan: The provider of good sleep, creating good sleep for the whole family.

2. Product Concept:
Exclusively developed ZEfoam open-type porous breathable pressure release layer perfectly supports your neck during sleep.

3. Product Functions:
・Machine washable: Most traditional memory foams are not washable. We broke limitations and created pillows that can be machine washed, sun-dried, and tumble-dried!
・Breathability: Given foam collects heat, our team developed a material with air permeability 277 times higher than that of traditional memory foam.
・Antibacterial and anti-mite: With Swiss Sanitizer zinc ion antibacterial technology, no worries about bacteria and allergies.
・No interference: No noises are made when you turn over and no need to worry about waking up someone next to you.
・Support pressure relief: ZEfoam perfectly supports your body and helps release body pressure.

4. Product Technical:
‧The mattress is made with a three-layer construction method, and is accurately calculated, so it can have perfect support without springs.


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