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About TiDdi Co., Ltd

Make your home cozy and tidy without sweating

TiDdi embraces the caring in between you and family not to be unreachable anymore (to be touchable). Family should spend quality time to getting along with each other. For errands, such as sweeping should leave to TiDdi and so TiDdi is invented in the meaning of love. In a way, it is attitude about life.

TiDdi products will lead you to an experience on relaxing and simple, but fashion lifestyle. Its humanized design in line with the branding gives you gorgeous feelings of usage.

Coz!i as a sub-brand is inherited the spirit of TiDdi with pleasant admire all over the places. The majority of Coz!i products is exquisite appliances for kitchen.

Selected Product: Coz!i -Air Fryer Oven (AF68)

1. Slogan:Make your home cozy and tidy without sweating

2. Product Concept:
Coz!i air fryer oven is a new generation product that combines the advantages of an air fryer and an oven. The super convection cyclone system enhances the heating speed, which could make the capacity of instantaneous heat rises faster than the ordinary air fryer ovens. Coz!i air fryer could retain the original flavor of the food while accelerating the ripening of food.

3. Product Functions:
Coz!i air fryer oven AF68 is not only an air fryer but also a fruit dryer, roaster, electric oven, soil driver, etc. The rapid heating and defrosting function replace the microwave oven. Its rapid cyclone system makes the heating rise instantly. The function could retain the original taste of the food, for example, the baked bread has been crispy on the outside and tender on the inside after being backed by Coz!i air fryer oven AF68.



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