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Alpine International Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the wholesale and installation of doors and windows in Kaohsiung and Pingtung for a long time. We are dealers of multiple innovative building materials, both from abroad and from Taiwan.
We have a full-time engineering and service team, which carries out its tasks according to standard procedures and regulations.
We expect consumers to enjoy more comfortable, healthier, safer, more environmental-friendly life because of the product and service provided by Alpine.

Selected Product: Alpine Water-Proof Gate

1. Slogan:Insert-style water-proof gate

2. Product Concept:
Assembled water-proof gate made of aluminum alloy, a mobile equipment for defending against floods. It is not limited by space, and can become a guardian of shops on main streets.
・ Sturdy aluminum alloy sheets are capable of withstanding high pressure
・ Easy to move the sheets
・Seals between sheets are water-tight
・ Can be assembled by one person alone. The gate works normally even when electricity is not available.
・Easy to put away to save space. Appearance of the building will not be affected.


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