SUNON’s Green Thinking about HVLS Fan Series Starts From Product Design

To make our land and ocean environments sustainable, the material selection for making the SUNON HVLS fan series complies with the latest RoHS standard, choosing non‑toxic and environment-friendly raw materials to save our earth from harmful waste pollution. Regarding our packaging, we choose materials that can protect our product as well but must be recyclable; for instance, SUNON Modern HVLS Fan series’ packaging material is recyclable wrapping paper instead of using low-cost styrofoam served as a buffer; SUNON Powerful HVLS Fan series are packed and protected by paper and recyclable foam materials. All packed HVLS fan series products have to pass a rigorous drop test in SUNON Lab to ensure the safety of the product during delivery. SUNON is dedicated to constantly reducing carbon emissions at each phase, from design, production, and delivery to client uses by adopting the above-mentioned materials that can lighten the burden on our environment. We aim to offer the optimal solutions for client’s comfortable life now and into the future. SUNON’s core values include doing our part to promote environmental sustainability.

Selected Product: Powerful HVLS Fan series10

1. Slogan: Stormy yet Moderate Airflow

2. Product Functions:
Different from most large industrial ceiling fans on the market that rely on rapid turning speeds to generate unsteady and uneven airflows, the Powerful HVLS Fan series 10 with large industrial ceiling fans wield outstanding motor control to generate even and gentle winds. In addition, the unique expanded air flow design of the series 10 allows for even better internal and external air circulation in large areas. It’s the best choice for air-circulation for large factory, warehouse, and agriculture.

3. Product Technical:
‧ BLDC Direct Drive Motor
More than 90% of motor efficiency, gearless direct drive motor , no need for regular lubrication maintenance.
‧ More Energy-Saving
Compared with the US EC Fan brand, it saves 32% of electricity. Reduces CO2 emissions.
‧ Smooth Airflow
By implementing aerodynamic diversion designs, the generated airflow is gentle and does not include flow-breaks. Even large spaces can be cooled down through comfortable wind.
‧Safety First
Sunon applies hanging base of one-piece structure to prevent potential risks of welded hanging base arising from cracked, rusty, or loosen parts.


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