About DAISIN SPECIALIZING Constraction Co., Ltd

Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.

In the begging, DAISIN was a company of special new chemicals. Now it has evolved into a group with several subsidiaries, each dealing with a different business. However, the commitment to “integrity” has not changed, because it is the principle insistently adhered to by Chairman Mr Hsinfeng Kang. The finest detail must be taken care of with the most dedicated attitude.
We are committed to important value in three ways: employ outstanding talents, buy good materials, and do the right thing.
“Employ outstanding talents”: human resources have been the top priority for DAISIN for a long time ago.
“Buy good materials”: we introduce the best materials and techniques from abroad so that customers in Taiwan can enjoy world-class service.
“Do the right thing”: This is our motto. If everybody do the right thing, our society will become one full of happiness.

Selected Product: Mil-Grade Defense Coating System


2. Product Functions:
ULTIMATE RESINOUS COATING SYSTEM. GRETEC®Special protection system for buildings has been imported from Europe and USA. The latest material and engineering methods are used to provide enduring and most powerful protection to every part of the building. This system has been widely applied to residential, commercial, and industrial premises. Because we insist on quality, we have won approval from designers and experts all over the world, and have become an accredited professional solution provider in the field of flooring and water-proof engineering.
STRONG BUILDING PROTECTION SYSTEM Top-class water-proofing treatment offers the best water-proof solution:  Products from GRETEC have been extensively applied at residential, commercial, and industrial premises. We have been providing related techniques, products, and services to introduce an innovative and everlasting solution to the engineering and maintenance of constructions.
Powerful floor water-proof coating system The powerful coating system is a double-dose elastic high-performance material. This product, made with the latest formula, will form a non-permeable insulation layer, which can defend against erosion from water and various chemicals. It can provide a high-quality enduring protective coating to the concrete and metal foundations of large civil constructions, infrastructures, and commercial buildings.


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