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500net system makes factory and residential smarter

500net Technology was founded in 2004. The team has accumulated many years of technical research and development strength and corporate customer service performance. Combining artificial intelligence technology, internet of things technology, and software and hardware system integration experience,we have launched a series of intelligent system solutions, including smart parking management system, smart equipment monitoring platform, smart green building management system, etc. It has successfully mastered key technologies to provide high-quality customer innovative application value platform, which can effectively save energy, carry out remote management in smart application scenarios. Related system products have won awards and projects have yielded fruitful results in recent years, so we hope to find a foreign agency service provider to combine with the local service capabilities to jointly develop and provide a system platform for customers to manage more intelligently.

Selected Product: Smart Green Building Management System

1. Slogan:Sustainability, Innovation, Technology

2. Product Concept:
In recent years, as green energy, energy-saving and other issues have gradually gained attention, smart buildings have become a clear trend. Only through the continuous innovation and development of automated service systems in buildings, and through a systematic management platform, can we create an infinite future for the sustainable development and operation of buildings in terms of information, communication, system integration, facility management, safety and disaster prevention, energy-saving management, health and comfort, and smart innovation.

3. Product Functions:
There are many manufacturers of smart building central monitoring systems, but the biggest problem is that the BA central monitoring system must use its designated PLC or DDC controller; that is, it cannot be used in different brands of controllers, and most controllers from the original manufacturers are all standardized products, resulting in the lack of flexibility for customization in the functions of the original products.

In recent years, the government has promoted the smart building label, which takes into account of issues including comfort, convenience, energy saving, sustainability and service as the intelligent building indicators. The smart building label is classified into different levels. Our intelligent building BIM management system platform can play a highly customised, automated, intelligent and adaptive system function to receive the honor of the highest level of the intelligent building mark – the diamond level mark.



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