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Pursue excellence. Sustainable development.

Yung Chi paint & Varnish Mfg Co., Ltd(YCP) was founded in 1951. Through many years efforts, we are getting a leading name of “Rainbow paint” in Taiwan. our sales catagory which cover whole painting area as below:
Architechure coating
Heavy duty coating
Fire retardant coating
Marine coating
Coil coaitng
Special coating

In order to improve the company systems, increase the corporate operational efficiency and fulfill the customer requirements, Yung Chi Paints has established and implemented the ISO 9001 : 2000 International Quality Management System. Based on such structure and its spirit, the Total Quality Management (TQM) system was established. Through the full participation of all company employees, the implementation and continuous improvements of the internal quality audit system, the Quality Policy of “ Best Quality for our Supreme Customers” and the sales targets can be achieved.
This time, we provide the Fire retardant and water proofing material. Our Fire retardant material have UL 263, UL1709, BS, Jetfire…etc. international certification approvals. For the waterproofing, single component polyurea/ polyurethane, easy application to provide the more efficiency to do waterproofing with the most extremely test standards (ASTM series). Both are Golden green guard material for environment.

Selected Product: Exterior wall coating system

1. Slogan:Pursue excellence. Sustainable development.

2. Product Concept:
When there is a plenty of rain, the water membrane can float up. It is because of the water membrane will affected by gravity. Afterward, the water can flow down to the lower part and the stain is able to wash away. The surface will look at brand new. The photocatalyst will produce a super-hydrophilic effect when expose to the sunlight, which can attach a thin layer of water membrane in the air. Making it not easy to the adhere for the dirt. Also, it can produce oxidative decomposition to decompose dirt (organic) into carbon dioxide and water, with the weakness for the adhesion.When the adhesion to the dirt, it will decrease. When it raining, the hydrophilicity of the rain will formula a thick water membrane on the photocatalyst layer, in addition separating the dirt and the photocatalyst layer.


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