Professional management in all areas of industry.

Kimax Controls Inc. is incorporated both in Taiwan, China and India. Kimax is engaged in the supply of actuation systems for valves including electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators and all types of valves as well as packaged valves and the related accessories. In addition, we also have some energy-saving equipment, include: Permanent–Magnet Coupling (Saving energy and divided vibration.) and Cooling Tower Water Turbine(Saving energy).

Kimax was established in 1993 in Taiwan and started to develop overseas in 1997. Kimax liaison office in China was established in 2002 and became incorporated in 2007.Kimax Controls operations over directed by head office, in Taichung Taiwan, and associated with our own hardworking factory team-Kimax China. Our Products are sold and serviced worldwide through Distributors and Manufacturers.

As well as developing our own products, OEM and ODM businesses are very important to us. Our goal for our customers is: Always to do business with honesty, reliability and to satisfy customers’ needs as best as we can. Kimax is the best solutions of fluid equipment on industry.

Selected Product: Cooling tower water turbine

1. Slogan: Professional management in all areas of industry.

2. Product Concept:
Utilize the excess energy of the cooling water system to drive the cooling water tower turbine, remove the motor and gearbox to achieve 100% energy saving

3. Product Functions:
・ Power saving: Operated by a water turbine all year round, no motor is required to drive the fan.
・ Extend equipment life:The water turbine is used as the main power, without the reducer gear box and the connecting shaft and the motor, so the maintenance and service life of the equipment are also improved.
・ Water saving: If the temperature control is used to adjust the fan speed, the speed of the turbine can be adjusted according to the season (environmental temperature), which can reduce the evaporation of water and reduce the drift rate.
・ Low noise/vibration:There is no motor to drive the fan blades, so the noise is low and the vibration is small.
・ Intelligent systemization: By combining the temperature sensor with the control system, the equipment manager only needs to set the required water temperature to adjust.
・ Environmental friendly:Because the motor and gear box configured in the motor drive require lubricating oil for lubrication and maintenance for a long time, it is easy to cause oil leakage and pollute the water quality of circulating water, which not only increases the cost of water treatment, but also causes the failure rate of other related equipment. and reduced heat transfer efficiency.
・ Safety: The hydraulic turbine is driven by hydraulic residual pressure instead of electricity and electric equipment, which fundamentally eliminates the use risks caused by equipment leakage and electric sparks in flammable and explosive areas.


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