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2.Established in 1989, Feli’s main service has transformed from processing hardware components into manufacture food machinery. It dates from the nut butter grinders developed for Japanese customers thirteen years ago. In recent year, various chocolate Bean-to-Bar production equipment has been developed successively, such as far-infrared roller roasting machine, cocoa bean cracker and winnower, chocolate choosing machine, chocolate tempering machine, etc. Feli Technology adopts one-stop service of R&D, design, manufacture, and export. With years of experience and professional techniques, Feli keeps on providing reliable products to our clients. These products are used in the domestic and foreign catering industry, baking industry, food processing industry, hotel industry, colleges and universities, governmental agricultural departments, farms, and other groups. We have achieved great marketing performance, and our products have been exported to more than 60 countries.

Selected Product: Far Infrared Roller Roasting Machine

1. Slogan: Professional equipment, professional service

2. Product Concept:
The first process of making bean-to-bar chocolate is roasting, which is important because it determines the flavor of chocolate. With far-infrared heating and roller design, it makes the cocoa beans evenly roasted inside and outside. It is suitable for a variety of nuts, seeds, and those agricultural products that are not easy to deform while rolling, such as cocoa beans, peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts, dried longan, and tea leaves, etc.

3. Product Functions:
The high-penetrative far-infrared and roller design are suitable for roasting cocoa beans and nuts, which solves the problems that convection oven derived. While using convection oven, the users need to turn around the nuts manually and the internal and external may be cooked unevenly. The three switches far-infrared heating tubes will automatically turn off when it reaches the set temperature, and they will restart when the temperature drops during the roasting process, which saves electricity for long-term use. During the roasting process, the users can take samples from the material checking hole on the side of the machine to make sure the roasting quality. The buzzer will notify the user that the process is completed. At this time, the user can choose whether to turn on the fan to speed up smoke exhaust and heat dissipation and pour the material into the drawer to take it out or adopt Feli’s post-roasting cooler.

4. Product Technical:
The design of the three switches far-infrared quartz heating tubes allows users to freely choose how many working tubes. The heating tube will only be turned on during preheating process and when the temperature drops, which saves electricity. The roller speed adjustment and the design of the baffles in the roller allow the material to roll evenly while roasting. The temperature sensor is located inside the roller with direct contact with the material, which makes it more accurate. After roasting, the material can be poured into the drawer, and the drawer can be pulled out for further use. The machines are equipped with anti-leakage devices and overcurrent safety protection devices to enhance safety.


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